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Complaints Procedure

At Birkbeck Dentistry we try to ensure that all patients are happy with the service and care offered . On rare occasions when complaints are received, we take them seriously and follow the following procedure. The person responsible for dealing with complaints at the practice is the Practice Manager, Moira Walsh.

  1. Other staff at the practice may deal with the complaint initially if they feel this appropriate (reporting back to the Practice Manager if required) or they may refer the complaint on to the Practice Manager immediately. Complaints in writing, it will be passed to the Practice Manager.
  2. Patients will be given the opportunity to discuss the issues where possible, at a time convenient for both parties.
  3. The Practice Manager will investigate , seeking advice from other staff at the Practice who may have been involved in the complaint. We will inform the complainant where possible of the findings as soon as possible after the complaint is received.
  4. The practice may seek independent indemnity advice on the complaint.
  5. The Practice Manager may notify the complainant advising and giving reasons for any delays.
  6. The Practice Manager will liaise with the complainant about any discussion and reply in writing if deemed necessary.
  7. A meeting can be arranged between the patient, the dentist and \ or the Practice Manager.
  8. Following this meeting, confirmation of any decisions reached will be made in writing after necessary investigations have been made.

The complaint will be dealt with courteously and fairly with the aim of getting the matter resolved to everyone’s satisfaction .
Complaints that are not resolved may be referred to third parties by the patient.
Both parties should discuss the complaint in a reasonable and courteous manner.

Helpful contacts:

The General Dental Council
37 Wimpole Street
London W1G 8DQ

0845 222 4141