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Fee Guide 2023-24

Consultations From
New Patient Examination £60
Routine Examination/Checkup £40
Yearly Examination £45
Extensive Care Planning & discussion
Includes all X-Rays, models, photos and written explanation – 2 visits required
Digital Radiographs – Low Dose X-Rays £12 each
Full Mouth X-Ray scan £70
Dental Hygiene Appointment
Routine Hygiene Appointment
Dental Hygiene Appointment
Non Surgical Root surface debridement
From £180 per session
Non Surgical Root surface debridement
From £280 per session
Emergency Appointment and Assessment – Registered Patient
Plus treatment
Emergency Appointment and Assessment – (Within 24 hours usually) – Non registered Patient
Plus any agreed treatment
Specialised Consultations (referral)
Implants / Endodontics (Includes X-Rays and report to referring dentist)


Treatments From
Enlighten Tooth Whitening
This includes -impressions, desensitiser, models, upper and lower whitening trays, 3x Enlighten syringes, full instructions and back up from surgery
Enlighten VIP £650
Enlighten Tooth Whitening Trays Single tray upper or lower £115
Both upper and lower £190
Enlighten Top Up Gels Single £110
X2 £190
Boutique Tooth Whitening VIP
Includes Impressions models trays 4 x syringes and full instructions
Boutique VIP £310
Boutique Tooth Whitening Trays Single tray upper or lower £90
Both upper and lower £170
Boutique Whitening Top Up Gels X2 £60
Professional Sportsgaurd £250 each
Mouth guard (night gaurd) £300
Extraction from £90
Surgical Extraction from £300
Bone Regeneration from £750
Ceramic (CEREC) Reconstructed Tooth
– Veneer/Inlay/Onlay Crown
– Single Visit Aesthetic Restoration
from £690
Super strength Ceramic Crown-same day from £690
Composite White Filling from £90
Root Canal Treatment (with specialist practitioner) Incisor \ Canine – from £490
Premolar – from £550
Molar – from £690
Re treatments and complex cases (add approx 20-25 %)


Implants – Using Straumann type Titanium Dental Implants From
Single Standard Dental Implant £950 – £1200
Implant Surgery from £350
Bone regeneration around implant from £295
Titanium abutments £250
Customised Abutments £360
Ceramic Aesthetic Crown placed on Implant £690

As a guide, a single routine implant, with surgery and all the additional components, including the ceramic crown, will cost approximately £2,500

Dentures Acrylic – from £750
VIP Acrylic – from £1050
Chrome Denture – from £1450


Hygiene Services From
Root Planing per tooth with local £45
Root Planing with local anaesthetic per quadrant £150
Fissure Sealants £40 each
Desensitising Treatments (Customised trays required – £130 per set) £60 per session
Full mouth charting and advice £35